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Our cell platform uses human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) to regenerate tissue and cure chronic disease paths.  The human body consists of two cell types with regenerative capabilities, stem cells and fibroblasts.  Our clinical work is proving fibroblasts to be a complete and robust platform to develop cures across a variety of medical conditions. 


Our first off-the-shelf product, CybroCell™ are allogenic (donor-derived) cells which appear to be “immune neutral” to the recipient.  This will allow for more consistent quality across the platform and the ability to generate large quantities of cells to treat a greater number of patients.


CybroCell™ was evaluated in a Phase 1/2 Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial to treat degenerative disc disease.  Recently we received FDA IND Clearance for the next phase of clinical trials.  Based on the success of our human trials, we are developing multiple disease pathways using this robust cell platform.

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