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About Us

FibroGenesis is fundamentally changing the treatment and cure for

chronic diseases using using its advanced fibroblast cell therapy.

FibroGenesis, is a regenerative medicine company developing an innovative cure for chronic diseases using fibroblasts.  There are only two cell types in the human body which can regenerate tissue and organs. Those cells are stem cells and fibroblasts.  Our studies have proven fibroblasts to be more effective and more potent than stem cells in regeneration of tissue and reduction in inflammation.   

Fibroblasts comprise the main cell type of connective tissue, possessing a spindle-shaped morphology, whose classical function has historically been believed to produce extracellular matrix responsible for maintaining structural integrity of tissue. Fibroblasts also play an important role in proliferative phase of wound healing, resulting in deposition of extracellular matrix.


Currently, FibroGenesis holds 260+ U.S. and international issued patents issued/pending across a variety of clinical pathways, including Disc Degeneration, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, Colitis, Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Failure and Heart Failure. FibroGenesis represents the next generation of medical advancement in cell therapy.

Pete O’Heeron, MSHA, CEO FibroGenesis, LLC

Mr. O’Heeron serves as our Chief Executive Officer. As a seasoned leader he has over 20 years of medical technology and biotech development experience. Mr O’Heeron brings together the resources necessary to commercialize unique technologies. His expertise covers a broad range of disciplines, from business start-ups and biologics, to medical devices and patient centered healthcare delivery.  Mr. O'Heeron holds 150+ Patents Issued/Pending.  Together with Dr. Ichim, Mr. O'Heeron holds more Patents Issued/Pending on fibroblasts than the rest of the world combined.

Prior to founding FibroGenesis (formerly named SpinalCyte), LLC, Mr. O’Heeron founded and still serves as CEO of an operational investment group, Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC, which identifies early stage opportunities in the medical field with strong intellectual property potential. Mr. O’Heeron's previous experience includes the founding of NeoSurg Technologies to develop a minimally invasive access system. As a result of his efforts, NeoSurg Technologies was successful in launching the T2000 Minimally Invasive Access System and Mr. O’Heeron completed the sale of NeoSurg Technologies to CooperSurgical.  Mr. O’Heeron was employed by Christus Health Care Corporation in a variety of executive-level positions.  Mr. O’Heeron has provided strategic advisory services to healthcare companies in the areas of biologics, surgical instrumentation and telemedicine.

Mr. O’Heeron received his Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of Houston.  Mr. O’Heeron completed Executive Management Certification in Mergers and Acquisition from University of Chicago and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University.

Mr. O’Heeron holds the following 14 Patents, with 63 Patents currently pending.

  • Patent 2014317861  Australia "Gene Therapy for the Regeneration of Chondrocytes or Cartilage Type Cells"

  • Patent 10,206,954 Adipose Cells For Chondrocyte Applications

  • Patent 6456826 Japan “Generation Of Cartilage Ex Vivo From Fibroblasts”

  • Patent 2013299505  Australia  “Generation Of Cartilage Ex Vivo From Fibroblasts”

  • Patent 6,280,417 “Trocar”

  • Patent 6,340,358 “Trocar”

  • Patent 6,544,277 “Obturator Assembly”

  • Patent 6,783,516 “Trocar”

  • Patent 6,830,578 “Trocar”

  • Patent 6,835,201 “Trocar”

  • Patent 6,960,164 “Obturator Tip for Trocar”

  • Patent 7,320,694 “Obturator Tip”

  • Patent EP1453426B1 Trocar With Improved Piercing Tip

  • Patent DE60232360D1 Trokar With Improved One Durchstechdorn


Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer

Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, has more than 20 years of broad biotechnology experience including filing and prosecuting patents (over 100 patents filed and issued), publishing in peer reviewed journals (110 publications) obtaining regulatory approvals, conducting clinical trials, and successfully providing return to investors by taking companies public or selling of companies. Dr. Ichim is the world's foremost expert on the therapeutic activities on fibroblasts.  He was cofounder of bioRASI, a fully integrated CRO which made the INC 500 list for fastest growing companies in the USA.  He subsequently joined Medistem Inc, a stem cell company which was purchased by the NYSE traded company Intrexon. Dr. Ichim was co-founder of Batu Biologics, a cancer vaccine, Regen BioPharma, and Creative Medical Technology Holdings, both of which he successfully took public. Dr. Ichim is peer-reviewed for multiple scientific journals and sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Translational Medicine.  Dr. Ichim is author/coauthor of multiple book chapters and 3 textbooks.

Top Patents:

  • Patent 8,241,621 Stem cell mediated treg activation/expansion for therapeutic immune modulation. Covers immune regulatory cells in adipose tissues and was sold to public company Cytori Inc.


  • Patent 8,288,172 Extracorporeal removal of microvesicular particles. Covers ways of treating cancer by removing cancer-produced immune poisons called “exosomes”.  This was sold to pubic company Aethlon Medical.


  • Patent 8,372,797 Treatment of erectile dysfunction by stem cell therapy. Covers use of stem cells for treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients in which pharmacological approaches do not work. This is part of the public company Creative Medical Technology Holdings.


  • Patent 9,205,112 Combination treatment of cardiovascular disease. Covers the augmentation of stem cell activity using intravenous nutrients.  The patent was sold to AngioStem Inc.


  • Patent 9,427,450 Therapeutic immune modulation by stem cell secreted exosomes. Covers the use of nanoparticles called exosomes for modifying the immune system in patients with autoimmune diseases. The patent was sold to Intrexon Inc, a NYSE traded company.


  • Patent 9,433,646 Methods of inhibiting growth of a neoplastic cell. Covers the “teaching” of cancer cells to turn into non-cancerous cells by exposure to placental extracts. The patent was sold to Medistem Inc, which was purchased by Intrexon.


  • Patent 9,682,047 Augmentation of oncology immunotherapies by pterostilbene containing compositions. Covers the use of a blueberry derived extract to increase efficacy of cancer immunotherapies.  The patent was sold to Therapeutic Solutions International, a public company.


  • Patent 8,263,571 Gene silencing of the brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (BORIS). Covers a new way of treating cancer by using gene silencing to block activity of a protein known as the “Achilles Heel” of cancer.

Paulo Ferraz

Paulo Ferraz, Clinical Innovation Advisor

Mr. Paulo Ferraz has pioneered innovation in Information Technology for a variety of fields and markets around the world for the past four decades. He incorporated Artificial Intelligence in the design and development of multiple technical and financial systems for a number of industries, as a Systems Analyst in Brazil for Minneapolis-based Control Data Corporation during the eighties, including mining and steel, research agencies, space and military applications. In the early nineties he shifted focus to biotech and the emergent internet industry, helping to open new markets in molecular modeling, materials research, and drug discovery as Operations Director in Latin America for San Diego-based Biosym Technologies. Paulo co-founded and was the CEO of biotech and software companies like Biobras Software and Steps Technologies, setting up disruptive projects like a web-based insulin dosage platform in collaboration with University of Miami and an award-winning Virtual Reality industrial training tool. He was the executive in charge of the development of educational software reaching millions of students in the US and Europe, as well the introduction of educational social networks in Asia. Paulo introduced internet-based educational technologies in the U.S. as co-inventor of the first internet-based Learning Management System. More recently he has been active in the design and creation of Intellectual Property that supports the convergence between digital technologies and life sciences. Paulo is BRICS/Emerging Markets Director at La Jolla-based international investment fund Newstar Ventures, and also the Tech Economy Partner for Newstar Ventures Fund II.

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